The Arts

The Arts

The Club aims to inspire creativity and develop 21st century skills through high-quality arts programming in fine arts, digital arts, performing arts and applied arts. 
  • Fine Arts – Visual art created and judged for its beauty and meaning. It may include painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, collage, mixed media, graphics and architecture.
  • Digital Arts – Two- or three-dimensional visual media that uses computers and other technology as an essential part of the creative process. This may include graphic design, animation, photography, movie making, Claymation, game design, music composition and digital illustration.
  • Performing Arts – Arts that involve public performance, including playing instruments, acting, singing and dancing. This includes performance support roles, such as creating scenery, costumes, lighting and sound manipulation.
  • Applied Arts – Any art form that applies artistic design to functional objects. This includes industrial design, bookmaking, illustration, printmaking, jewelry making, wood working, ceramics, fashion design, culinary arts, creative writing and commercial art.
Please contact our Fine Arts Director (Grades 1-5) Kelsey Magoon for more information at (603) 898-7709 x17.

Specialty Programs


As part of the Club’s Triple Play Healthy Habits programming, cooking classes fill up quickly, be sure to talk to Miss Kelsey to secure a spot in the kitchen.

Youth for Unity

Through a comprehensive set of intervention lessons, the Youth for Unity program aims to promote and celebrate diversity while combating prejudice, bigotry and discrimination. Run in the Art Room, it features age-appropriate programming for youth ages 6 to 12. Please contact Kelsey Magoon for more information at (603) 898-7709 ext 17.

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