Dear Alumni

The Boys & Girls Club of Salem has identified a need to reconnect with alumni and has begun efforts to develop a new Alumni Association. Several key leaders that grew up in Salem and attended the club as members during their youth have committed to developing and growing a group of alumni who value the Club’s importance in the community and who are committed to the continuous development and improvement of its services to the youth and families of Salem.

Today more than ever, the Boys & Girls Club of Salem is “The Positive Place For Kids” in the town of Salem. The club is a safe haven for 2,500 young boys and girls who make use of its games room, sports programs, swimming pool, music and arts programs and education and technology labs.

It is the hope of the Club that the Alumni Association will help former members establish lifelong connections with fellow alumni and the Salem Boys & Girls Club, leading to increased support of the organization’s mission and goals. You do not need to be a former member of our club to become a member of our Alumni Association; any former Boys & Girls Club membership makes you eligible to join.
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