Before & After School Transportation (Early Bird & ASEP Programs)

Early Bird (Before School Care & Transportation) & After School Enrichment Program (After School Transportation)

The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Salem offers before and after school transportation services for Club members in grades K-8. Children in grades K-5 attending Salem, NH public schools have the option to register for transportation from the Club to school in the morning and/or from school to the Club upon dismissal in the afternoon. Children in grades K-8 attending Pelham or Windham public schools and the Birches Academy (Salem, NH) have the opportunity to register for transportation to the Club from school in the afternoon.
* Please note that any child registered for after school transportation whom is not yet in the 1st grade must also be enrolled in our Extended Day Preschool program (subject to enrollment availability).

* Dr. L.F. Soule School students under the age of 8 years old do not have the option of being bussed to the Club/taking part in the Club's after school drop-in program as they must attend our satellite after school program held at the school (173 S. Policy St. in Salem, NH).

The forms below must be completed and submitted along with payment before your child is considered registered for either of our transportation offerings.
The Early Bird (before school care) Program starts Tuesday, 8/29/2017, costs $175 (due on the 15th of the month prior to service) monthly and includes transportation from the Club to Salem, NH public schools in the morning. The program typically runs from the first through the last day of school in Salem, NH. Attendees are professionally supervised and will participate in a wide variety of morning activities. (Participants can arrive at the Club any time after 6:30am - members MUST be at the Club by 7:30am).
  • All paperwork is required – your child’s registration will not be considered complete until the Club is in possession of each of the necessary forms filled out in their entirety. Please note that we also need a copy of your child’s most recent physical examination on file if he or she is not yet in the 4th grade and will be participating in the Early Bird program as it is licensed through the State of NH.
The After School Enrichment (Transportation) Program starts Tuesday, 9/5/2017, costs $150 (due on the 15th of the month prior to service) monthly and provides enrollees with transportation to the Club from school each afternoon that Salem, NH schools are in session (typically until the second to last week of school). The program will commence on Tuesday, 9/5/17. A light daily snack, homework assistance, and small group activities  will be offered upon arrival to the Club. All programming is monitored by skilled and trained staff. (Buses typically arrive at the Club between 3:20pm and 3:45pm – please plan accordingly for pickup).

Enrollment in the Early Bird and/or After School Transportation program provides members with several enrichment benefits including attendance on select holidays which the Club is open, Teacher In-Service, and School Vacation days free of charge and transportation to school on days which there is a Delayed Opening (Salem public school students only).

*The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Salem follows the Salem, NH school district calendar and its services operate accordingly.
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to provide after school transportation for Windham/Pelham/Birches Academy students on their district's Early Release days unless Salem, NH public schools have one as well.
Monthly fees will remain fixed rates regardless of frequency of attendance.

A written notice ( of cancellation is required at least two weeks in advance or participants will continue to be billed and held responsible for payment for occupying a spot in the program.
Parents/Guardians are encouraged to provide a note to the main office of the school that their child attends indicating what the anticipated pattern of after school transportation will be (e.g., "only taking bus to the Club on M, W, & F").  We kindly request that you keep the school abreast of any changes to this schedule.

Inappropriate behavior while waiting for, riding on, or departing a Boys & Girls Club vehicle may result in suspension from or termination of transportation and membership privileges.

For your convenience, we offer automatic billing through your credit card institution or bank.

We accept cash, checks, and credit/debit cards as a form of payment. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept money orders at this time. Returned checks will result in a $25 convenience fee being placed on the account.

All deposits and fees are non-refundable. However, monies paid in advance for services not yet utilized may be kept on the account for future use under certain circumstances.
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